Blame it on my Zodiac

For those of you who have watched Dhadak, which is essentially a bollywood remake of the Marathi tragedy, Sairat, you would know that the movie revolves around just one concept, one idea, one feeling- love.On February 15th, a good friend of mine asked me out. I said yes, not because I was in love with … Continue reading Blame it on my Zodiac


February 14th

I remember the first time I met you, by chance, during our half hour break, You made me laugh in an instant, so naturally, so out of the blue Breaking my ice, like the popping of corn. You understood me, my plight, and unreasonable fears without having to know me, And yet, you did know … Continue reading February 14th

Bonded By Blood And No More

They say blood runs deep, deeper than water. The bond that exists between two human beings due to their common birthplace(a mother's womb) is said to be the strongest, after that between a mother and her child, of course. But, as in any subject, exceptions exist. My sister and I were quite close during my … Continue reading Bonded By Blood And No More

Love Happens

There's something about bad boys that make the good girls fall in love. She was the sister of a member of the most dangerous gang in 20th century Russia. Tatianna, young and sweet, only 19. She worked at a humble little bakery on the busiest street of Moscow. Once, while returning home from a solid … Continue reading Love Happens